Having a broad manufacturing experience, has made VINAM the best source provider for your every requirement need in both oil and gas and non-oil and gas applications.

In the oil and gas application, VINAM is the only Vietnamese completion manufacture that is able to provide you with the high precision machining service that can improve efficiencies in downhole completion tools and eventually optimize reservoir performance.

While, in the non-oil and gas application, through innovative and reliable solutions, VINAM is also able to offer a broad range of machining experience that can be a good match to various industry applications.

Our VINAM manufacturing service are highly supported by:
– QMS ISO 9001:2015 which have been implemented on all of our processes.
– Qualified staffs with more than 25 years in managing manufacturing processes and quality control.
– High precision manufacturing capability facility located in VSIP 2, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.



With a vision to create sustainable value for shareholders, customers, partners, employees and community, at VINAM, we embed a client-focused, integrated management system built on non-negotiable service and performance standards to increase service quality, safety reliability, while ultimately managing risks for our customers.

Our QHSE meets ISO 9001 and API Q1 requirements. This system is founded on the following Principles: Credibility, Consistency, Competency and Reliability.

  • Solid bars were full stock flexible to handle products with difference size.
  • Deep hole drilling and horning machine help us prepare raw material meet requirements of measurement more effective.
  • 100% process complete in house and ensure high quality standard was applied to all our products.
  • Molykote, xylan phosphate or Zinc, manganese, copper plating meets the highest requirements.
  • QPQ; Carburize; heat treatment which qualified by value customer are very near our factory- only 10 minutes to driving.
  • Assembling and testing do inside to ensure quality of products before delivery.
  • Our employees are skilled and experienced staffs with more than 12 years working in oil & gas field.


Address: Factory C_1B_C2, Lot C_1B_CN, C3 Street, My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park, Thoi Hoa ward, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province.

Full capacity: 20,000 man hours. Stage 1: 10,000 man hours by the 1st Quater of 2023; Stage 2: 20,000 hours by 2025.

Capabilities: machining assembly and testing premium products for Oil and Gas.

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